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Bollards and Barriers

Fence & Gate Design ae highly experienced installers of bollard and barrier systems.

whether it's a super substantial telescopic crash resistant bollard, or highly visual traffic management barrier - we have it covered.

Security bollards and barriers are a fundamental part to a perimeter security solution. Not only do they provide a physical barrier but they act as a visual deterrent.

In any commercial environment Fence and Gate Design are uniquely equipped to offer the right solutions to traffic and pedestrian safety problems.

We offer an on site consultation with a skilled and experienced member of our team to advise of the best products available needed for the right solution.

Some of the main benefits of bollards and barriers are:

✅Increased security- prevents trespassers and any unauthorised persons entering the grounds

✅Prevents car parks becoming over filled and dangerous

✅Provides extra safety for the people on your premises

✅Prevents through traffic and unauthorised vehicles

Contemporary Designs

With new contemporary designs, not only do they do the job they are designed to do, they also complement any building or landscape design with the choice of colour and LED lighting.

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